Poster Session 3

Times: 16:15-17:15 UT


GPU-accelerated Atomistic Monte-Carlo Computation of Temperature Dependences for Multiscale Magnetic Simulations.
George Mckenzie - University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom


First-order monopole density transitions in spin ice
Omar Abbas - University College London, United Kingdom


Finite temperature effects in the antiferromagnet NiO
Sean Stansill - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Experimental Measures of Topological Sector Fluctuations in the Rys F-Model
Daan Arroo - London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL, United Kingdom


Controlling Quantum Interference in single-molecule junctions
Ali Ismael - Lancaster University, United Kingdom


Optimising atomistic model parameters for Nd2Fe14B-type rare earth ferromagnets, using the Curie temperature and magnetic phase transitions as figures of merit
Andrew Naden - University of York, United Kingdom


Low-temperature behaviour of magnetically frustrated Ba3Tb(BO3)3
Nicola Kelly - University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Magnetic ground state of the distorted 6H perovskite Ba3CdIr2O9
Mdsalman Khan - Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India


Doping stabilization of pyrochlore phase and signature of field-induced spin ice state in disordered pyrochlore oxide Dy2Zr2O7
Sheetal Devi - Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India, India


Lattice dynamics of Ag(II)-based 1D antiferromagnet KAgF3
Kacper Koteras - Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland


Effects of a Molecular C60 Interfaces on the Spin-dependent scattering of YIG/PtMn
Satam Alotibi - University of leeds, United Kingdom


Role of an additional interfacial spin-transfer torque for current-driven skyrmion dynamics in chiral magnetic layers
Callum MacKinnon - University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom


Modelling magnetostrictive materials for structural health monitoring of carbon fibre composite
Nisar Ahmed - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


High Entropy Alloys: The next big thing in functional magnetic alloys
Nicola Morley - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


High-throughput studies of magnetic High Entropy Alloys
Richard Rowan-Robinson - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Tunable Magnetoelastic Phononic Crystals
Emily Glover - University of Exeter, United Kingdom

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