Poster Session 2

Times: 16:30-17:30 UT


Towards electric control of magnetism in thin films of FeRh on BaTiO3
Razan Aboljadayel - Diamond Light Source Ltd., United Kingdom


Growth and characterisation of magnetic tunnel junction thin film structures
Meg Smith - University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Influence of BiFeO3 phase on perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co/Pt
Yanjiang Ji - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Skyrmionic Device Patterning Using Low-Energy Argon Ion Milling
Cory Emmerson - Nano Engineering and Spintronic Technologies, University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Effect of Isothermal annealing on microstructure and magnetic property of sputter-deposited carbon thin film
Balaram Thakur - UGC DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, India


The anomalous Nernst effect in Co2MnSi thin films
Jordan Harknett - Loughborough University, United Kingdom


Scanning Probe Microscopy Studies of FeRh
Adrian Peasey - University of Manchester, United Kingdom


XMCD-STXM Magnetic Imaging of Skyrmions with in-situ Hall Transport measurements in Pt/Co/Ir multilayer Hall discs 
Alexandra Huxtable - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Optimisation of Ferromagnetic layer for tunnel anisotropic magnetoresistance (TAMR) readers’
Benjamin Wilson - Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom


Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films For Electric Control of Magnetism
Robbie Hunt - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Magnetostriction of amorphous Pt/Co(Fe)B/Ir thin films by voltage-induced strain
Khulaif Alshammari - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Voltage controlled, thermally driven superparamagnetic array for reservoir computing
Alexander Welbourne - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


POLREF: Time of flight Polarised Reflectometer for Magnetism in Thin Films
Christy Kinane - ISIS, STFC, United Kingdom


Thermomagnetic characterization of Co50Fe50/Pt and Co20Fe60B20/Pt bilayers
Guru Venkat - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Research and Teaching Oxide MBE System at JCNS-2 Forschungszentrum Jülich
Connie Bednarski-Meinke - JCNS-2/PGI-4 Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


Self-induced Walker breakdown suppression in a trilayer system
Xingtai Chen - Royal Holloway university of London, United Kingdom


Optimisation of CoNi/Pt multilayers for more efficient AOS
Connor Sait - University of Exeter, United Kingdom


Heat treatment investigations of Fe-based magnetic alloys
Merve Ozden - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Temperature dependent magnetization in Co@Fe core-shell NPs
Junaid Ul Ahsan - National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India


The use of Ag2+ spin super-polariser to modify magnetism of ternary silver fluorides AgMF4 (M = Co, Ni, Cu)
Mateusz DomaƄski - University of Warsaw, Poland

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8 February 2021

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