Poster Session 1

Times: 15:30-16:30 UT


Optical generation and detection of propagating magnons in an antiferromagnet
Ruben Leenders - Lancaster University, United Kingdom


Non-reciprocal attenuation of magneto-acoustic surface waves in magnetic nanorod arrays
Yat-Yin Au - University of Exeter, United Kingdom


Reconfigurable magnonic mode-hybridisation and spectral control in a bicomponent artificial spin ice
Jack Carter Gartside - Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Skyrmion rotational and breathing modes in a synthetic antiferromagnet
Christopher Barker - University of Leeds, United Kingdom


Magnetisation Dynamics in Synthetic Ferromagnetic Thin Films
Harry Waring - University of Manchester, United Kingdom


Ferromagnetic Resonance Study of Deposition Conditions in NixFe100-x Thin Films for Shielding Applications
Matthew McMaster - Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom


Determination of the existence and magnitude of spin-current and exchange coupling in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions
Lukasz Gladczuk - University of Oxford, Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom


Strong magnon-photon coupling in YIG integrated with superconducting devices
Paul Baity - University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


Growth, strain and spin-orbit torque in epitaxial NiMnSb on GaAs
Na Zhao - University College London, United Kingdom


Ferromagnetic resonance induced by spin-Hall effect within aluminium-doped tungsten
Jack Brierley - UCL, United Kingdom


Magnetic skyrmion interactions in the micromagnetic framework
Richard Brearton - University of Oxford + Diamond Light Source, United Kingdom


Mode coupling and spin-wave dissipation in synthetic antiferromagnetic multi-layers
Aakanksha Sud - UCL, United Kingdom


The role of proximity induced magnetism on spin transport in multilayered systems
Charles Swindells - Durham University, United Kingdom


Temperature dependent properties and domain wall dynamics of the antiferromagnet Mn2Au
Sarah Jenkins - University of York, United Kingdom


Spin Current Induction Via Surface Plasmon Polariton
David Lloyd - University of York, United Kingdom


Electron Beam Evaporation as a Viable Growth Method for Superconducting Devices Containing Ultra-thin Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy
Daniel Bromley - University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


Influence of a Mn 'spy layer' on the static and dynamic properties of a FePt/NiFe bilayer
David Newman - University of Exeter (UK), United Kingdom


Antiferromagnetic domain control in spin-ice iridates
Matthew Pearce - University of Warwick, United Kingdom


Chiral anomaly and anomalous Hall effect in Hexagonal-Mn3+δGe
Venus Rai - Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany


Thermal and magnetic properties of the candidate Kitaev material RuCl3
Amir Mehrnejat - Loughborough University, United Kingdom

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