Thin films and nanomagnetism 3

Times: 14:30-15:30 UT

Chair: Sophie Morley, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory


Machine Learning with Stochastic Magnetic Domain Wall Synapses
Matthew Ellis - University of Sheffield, United Kingdom


Tuneable, Perpendicular Ni, Pt, Ir and Co Synthetic Ferrimagnets
Jade Scott - Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom


Proximity induced magnetism in Pt layered with rare-earth:transition metal ferrimagnetic alloys
Charles Swindells - Durham University, United Kingdom


Controlling magnetic anisotropy in magnetic exchange springs
Andreas Frisk - Diamond Light Source Ltd, United Kingdom

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8 February 2021

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19 March 2021

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8 April 2021

Poster submission deadline:

9 April 2021

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