Magnetism 2021 is the premier conference organised by the UK and RoI magnetism community. This year the conference will be held online and will still include many of the features you would expect from the series, including invited and contributed talks, posters, and interactive Q&A sessions. There will also be a public lecture. Participation is encouraged from Europe and further afield, and from industry. This event follows the highly successful in-person conferences that have been held annually since 2014 as well as the online version held in 2020.  

Poster Prizes

Congratulations to the following presenters who were awarded a poster prize at Magnetism 2021!

  • Session 1: Influence of a Mn 'spy layer' on the static and dynamic properties of a FePt/NiFe bilayer
    David Newman - University of Exeter

  • Session 2: Voltage controlled, thermally driven superparamagnetic array for reservoir computing
    Alexander Welbourne - University of Sheffield

  • Session 3: Role of an additional interfacial spin-transfer torque for current-driven skyrmion dynamics in chiral magnetic layers
    Callum MacKinnon - University of Central Lancashire

Key dates:

Abstract submission deadline: [extended]

8 February 2021

Expressions of interest:

19 March 2021

Registration deadline:

8 April 2021

Poster submission deadline:

9 April 2021

Organised by the IOP Magnetism Group

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